2 May 2002

Volume 19

Volume 19 No. 2, Spring 2002
53 Peter Girard, Jr. Memorial Grant
54    The Golden Vietnamese Cypress, Xanthocyparis vietnamensis:
A New Genus and Species for Science
Dr. Daniel K. Harder
58 Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Conifer Book, Part 2Adrian Bloom
65 Conifer PollinationDr. John N. Owens
73 Firs in the Southeastern United StatesDirk Wright
78 Developing Firs Adapted to North Carolina: A Research Overview   Dr. John Frampton
80 2001 Top 10 Conifer Contest ResultsCharlene Harris
82 Letters to the Editor
84 Additions to the International Conifer Register - 2001Piers Trehane
93 Humphrey J. Welch 1908-2001Peter D.A. Boyd
94 NE Region Meeting

Volume 19 No. 1, Winter 2002
4    Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Conifer Book, Part 1Adrian Bloom
10 Pinus krempfii: A Rare Pine from VietnamRichard Bond
15 Overlooked Conifers for the MidwestCarol La Faver
18 Past Recipients of the Jean Iseli Memorial Award
23 It Started With Just One Tree
The Creation of a Memorial Meditation Garden
Sharon M. Browning
26 Tribute to Sharon BrowningStanley Eyre
27Letters to the Editor
28 Conifer Collection at the Atlanta Botanical GardenGeri Laufer
39 Northeast Members Explore Three Unconventional Gardens   Anne Brennan
41 In Memoriam: Humphrey J. Welch
42 Southeastern Region Fall 2001 MeetingJordan Jack
44 National Meeting: Georgia On My Mind
47 Upcoming Central Region Annual Meeting


Volume 18

Volume 18 No. 4, Fall 2001
148    Horstmann Tree Nurseries and Collectors of Dwarf Conifers :   
A 50-year History
Uwe Horstmann
152 The Conifer Walk and Pinetum Entry Gardens at the Morton Arboretum   Tim Boland
156 Growing Conifers in Zone 3Roger W. Hill
161 ACS Seed Exchange 2001-2002
162 Kurt Wittboldt-Müller : A Breeder and his PlantsBrita Johansson
167 The Blue Meyer SpruceBob Girardin
168 Jack Wikle : Profile of a Plantsman and EducatorJustin C. "Chub" Harper
172 Letters to the Editor
174 18th National Meeting : Westborough, Massachusetts, August 2-5Jane Frampton
180 ACS Award of Merit Recipients : Joe Stupla and Rich Eyre
182 Central Region 10th Anniversary MeetingCharlene Harris

Volume 18 No. 3, Summer 2001
100    Gardens of Western IrelandLinda C. Mohr
107 Deer Me! Odocoileus virginianus in the Conifer GardenLes Wyman
113 Peter Girard, Jr. is Honored by Central RegionCharlene Harris
114 The Selection and Propagation of JunipersRichard Larson
124 A Conifer Excursion in Europe - An ACS Tour, Part 2 : Germany   Don Howse
134 Bill Barger, The New WebmasterCharlene Harris
136 Letters to the Editor
138 Creating and Planting Graden Troughs, Book ReviewCharlene Harris

Volume 18 No. 2, Spring 2001
53    Garden Railroads and Dwarf ConifersPat Hayward
59 Juniperus x pfitzeriana : A Change in Juniper NomenclatureDr. Mark Zampardo
63 A Couple of Nice but Confused JunipersDennis Groh
66 Controversy over Naming of Conifer
67 The Quad City Botanical CenterCharlene Harris
72 Thoughts on Disjunct PopulationsRichard T. Rodich
75 Hemlock Bluffs : Home for a Disjunct Conifer PopulationJane Frampton
78 Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Filicoides' : The Terrible Teenage Conifer   Jordan Jack
79 A Conifer Excursion in Europe - An ACS Tour, Part 1 : HollandDon Howse
85 Farandnear : A Small New England PinetumArthur S. Banks
87 David Douglas - Explorer and Botanist, Book ReviewJordan Jack
88 ACS National Meeting - "Conifers in the Landscape"Jordan Jack

Volume 18 No. 1, Winter 2001
4    Conifers for Confined SpacesDr. Mark Zampardo
8 Growing Dwarf Conifers in the Blue Ridge MountainsP. Camus & S. Thorne-Thomsen
12 Tom Dilatush: ACS Award of Merit for Conifer DevelopmentFrank Goodhart
16 Conifer DiseasesBeth McClelland
19 Pruning Dos and Don'ts, and Some Conifer TipsWade Harris
25 Conifer Propagation Survey: Grafting − ACS Bull. 1983-2000, Part III   Jordan Jack
29 The Jean Iseli Memorial Fund 
30 ACS National Meeting 2001Bill Wells
31 Central Region Meeting 2001Charlene Harris
32 Regional Fall 2000 Meetings 
36 Letter to the Editor 
37 Visiting Scottish Highlands GardensJordan Jack
46 Memorial Alfred J. Fordham 1911-2000 
47 New Members 

Volume 17

Volume 17 No. 4, Fall 2000
148    Make Way for Dwarf ConifersW.H. Zinkham
152 Fir Species of the WorldJohn Frampton
156 Living Christmas TreesJane Frampton
159 Christmas Trees Complete the CycleJane Frampton
161 Don Howse: ACS Award of Merit for Dedicated SupportR.W.Thomas, & al.
164 Alfred J.Fordham: ACS Award of Merit for Conifer Development   Jane Frampton
167 Top 10 List of Conifer BookCharlene Harris
173 A History of the ACS Merit Awards and NominationsCharlene Harris
174 The Propagation of Cedar of Lebanon − The Lebanese MethodLes Wyman
176 17th National Meeting: Ann Arbor, Michigan, August 3-6, 2000Dennis Lee
181 Crafting the ACS Web siteAnne Day
183 A Rare Plantsman, Martin BrooksOrlan Gaeddert
189 Letter to the Editor 
190 Pinus sylvestris 'Calle'Brita Johansson

Volume 17 No. 3, Summer 2000
100    The Conifer Garden at the Oregon GardenDon Howse
104 A North Carolina Mixed Conifer Border RevisitedCarolyn Weathers
109 Tsuga canadensis 'Betty Rose' − An UpdateFrank Goodhart
111 The International Conifer Conference:
An Account of the Pre- and Post Conference Tours
F.Goodhart & M.Henne
115 Arboretum de VillardebelleDidier Maerki
117 More Comments on Midwest Gambling with Chamaecyparis lawsoniana   Dennis Lee
119 Dutch collection of Sequoiadendron giganteum cultivars: Dwarf giants?Nelis Kools
122 Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Snow': The Terribel Teenage ConiferJordan Jack
123 Problems Identifying Japanese Cedar Cultivated in the USR.J.Rouse, P.R.Fantz
& T.E.Bilderback
131 Cupressus sempervirens L., A Cold-Hardy Tree in New-York CityJohn Silba
135 Conifer Propagation Survey − ACS Bull. 1983-1998, Part IIJordan Jack
137 ACS Seed Exchange 2000-2001 
138 New Members 
140 NE and SE Region Fall Meetings 
142 How Conifers are NamedFrank Goodhart

Volume 17 No. 2, Spring 2000
52    Lendonwood GardenLen Miller
53 Understanding Conifers Standing Down UnderDick Hammerschlag
57 Going for the GoldDon Howse
61 Deciduous ConifersDavid Stickel
66 Larix decidua 'Varied Directions' - An Interesting LifeJeffrey D. Bowman
68 Hemlock Insect Pest No. 1 : Aldegids, Part 1Robert M. Bishop
71 Current Research on Controlling Woolly Aldegids: Adelgids, Part 2   Jane Frampton
74 The Dragon's Eye PineHurst Sloniker
78 Pseudotsuga menziesii 'Fletcheri'Pard Hogeweide
81 AHS Plant Heat-Zone MapH. Marc Cathey
84 Hostas in the Conifer Garden, or is it Conifers in the Hosta Garden?   Tom Micheletti
86 Musings of a Hobby GardenerMarvin Snyder
89 ACS History : Why Save It?Thomas J. Schlereth

Volume 17 No. 1, Winter 2000
4    The ACS Seed ExchangeBernard A. Smith
7 Hunting Witches' Brooms - A PassionBrita Johansson
10 Eastern Redcedar is a Common GemGlenn Herold
12 My favorite Tree - Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum)   Bob Cool
14 To Prune or Not to Prune, That is the QuestionJordan Jack
16 Conifers of California - Book ReviewBernard A. Smith
18 The Adventures of C.D., Conifer DetectiveChris Daeger
22 Grafting Loblolly PineSteven E. McKeand & J.B. Jett
31 You Have Conifers in Texas?William F. Caldwell
34 Souteastern Region Meeting in ReviewJane Frampton & R. & L. Guiles
40 International Conifer ConferenceBrian Dogget
46 Larix x eurolepis : the Dunkeld LarchDavid Stickel

Volume 16

Volume 16 No. 4, Fall 1999
146    Confessions of a Garden Gambler: The Lure of Chamaecyparis lawsonianaClark D. West
149 R. William Thomas : Award of MeritCharlene Harris & al
152 John Verkade : Award of MeritCharlene Harris
156 Pinus parviflora, Comments from KoreaFerris Miller (Min Pyong-gal)
159 Pinus parviflora 'Adcock's Dwarf', the Small Globe FormChub Harper
160 Non-Wood Forest Products from Conifers - Book ReviewDr. Hans G. Schabel
164 Jane Frampton, New ACS EditorJane Frampton
172 A Brief History of the Lanark Witches' BroomChub Harper
174 High Points and Experiences at the 1999 Annual ConferenceDennis Lee
181 25 Years of Collecting Conifers in BelgiumClement Antoine
183 "Nippon Tanken:" The Japanese Expedition for ConifersDr. Zolt Debreczy (Dr. Istvan Racz)

Volume 16 No. 3, Summer 1999
98    The Golden Larch, Pseudolarix amabilisCharles Ruggles
100 Conifers in the Southern PiedmontSamuel B. Jones, Jr.
106 Study of the Genus X CupressocyparisLaszlo Orloci
114 The Adventures of C.D., Conifer DetectiveChris Daeger
118 Grow Conifer Trees from your Own Seeds - Book ReviewWade Harris
119 Unsolved Mysteries of the Oldest and Tallest Conifer Species on EarthJohn Silba
123 China Plant Red Data Book - Rare and Endangered Plants, Vol.1 - Book Review   Dr. Hans G. Schabel
125 A Plant Addict in Yunnan, Part IVDon Howse
140 Conifer Propagation Survey - Part I, Articles 1983-1998Jordan Jack

Volume 16 No. 2, Spring 1999
50    The Use of Conifers in Japanese GardensDouglas M. Roth
58 The Japanese Gardens, Portland, OregonCharlene Harris
61 A Fresh Look At JunipersDr. Mark Zampardo
68 The Missouri Botanical GardenJune Hutson
72 Taiwania, A Rare Visitor to the Northwest from Taiwan   Deborah & Mark Saner
74 Conifers in American Art and HistoryThomas J. Schlereth
86 Pinus parviflora - It's a Nice PlantJordan Jack
87 A Plant Addict in Yunnan, Part IIIDon Howse
94 How Big is BIG in Oregon?Don & Pat Montague

Volume 16 No. 1, Winter 1999
2    Chamaecyparis nootkatensis, the Alaska CedarTimothy England
6 The Old and the New about Metasequoia; Cultivars are coming   Charles Ruggles
10 Profile of a Plantsman: Jean IseliRobert Fincham
13 Professionalism in the Propagation of the ConifersJean Iseli
16 A Shady Hillside Conifer GardenWilliam Mandel
20 The Ressurection of a Spruce VistaAnne Marie Van Nest
24 An Illinois Conifer HeritageChub Harper
30 Conifers for the Next MillenniaGlenn Herold
34 A Brief History of the Evolution of ConifersRobert Aebel
37 A Plant Addict in Yunnan, Part IIDon Howse
33 Picea orientalis 'Aurea Compacta' - It's a Nice PlantJordan Jack
42 The Morton Arboretum Pinetum Renovation projectTim Boyland

Volume 15

Volume 15 No. 4, Fall 1998
146    A Garden Trilogy from SwedenBrita Johansson
156 A Mixed Conifer Border for Wet ClayCarolyn A. Weathers
161 1998 ACS National Meeting
162 Hoyt ArboretumCharlene Harris
164 Dr. Sid Waxman : Award of MeritFrank Goodhart
170 Charlene Harris : Award of MeritChub Harper et al
176 A Plant Addict in Yunnan, Part IDon Howse
181 Juniperus squamata 'Blue Star', It's a Nice Plant   Jordan Jack
182 Hospital Visits for Better GardensAl Teti
184 The Origin of Cedrus libani 'Eugene'Eugene A. Peters
188 Conifers Questions and Letters

Volume 15 No. 1, Winter 1998
2    Cedar Lodge Nurseries - Coniferland, Down UnderNoeline Sampson
12 Trough GardensDon Howse
17 Getting the Hound Off My BackDon Howse
22 Thoughts About Pines and Their Survival StrategiesClark West
23 Further Notes on Conifers for ShadeWade Harris
25 Dwarf Conifers for ShadeCharles Ruggles
27 Compendium of Conifer Disease - Book ReviewWade Harris
30 Pinus sabiniana, the Digger PineJohn B. Drake
32 The Canaan Fir - A Candidate for Use as Understock   Ken Franke
33 Leaves in Myth, Magic & Medicine - Book ReviewCharlene Harris
36 Conifers Questions and Letters
41 The Dwarf Alberta Spruce - It's a Nice PlantJordan Jack
44 In Memoriam : Paul Zimmerman
45 Planting Conifers for Background or Privacy

Volume 14

Volume 14 No. 2, Fall 1997
50    An Afternoon at the Grafting Bench with Dennis DodgeOrlan Gaeddert
53 Stanley and Sons Nursery, Inc.Charlene Harris
56 Conifers Questions ?
58 Ed Wood's Tradition of Sharing PlantsTalon Buchholz
60 Japanese Hinoki Cypress - Corrections and TidbitsEd Rezek
62 In the Shadow of Monticello: A Conifer Legacy in Charlottesville, Virginia   Maud B. Henne
72 A Quest for Witches' BroomsCharlene Harris
75 Wavecrest: How It HappenedRobert Tomayer
76 How Many Gardens Is Too Many?
82 Know Your Roots : A Key to Success with TreesWade Harris
93 New Members
95 Coillete TeorantaDavid Thompson

Volume 13

Volume 13 No. 4, Fall 1996
146    Conifers: The Illustrated Encyclopedia - A PreviewT.J. Schlereth
151 Trompenburg Arboretum -Excerpted from Trees in RotterdamArboretum Trompenburg
154 A Look Back to 1898Becke Davis
159 Evergreens A Speciality: The D. Hill TraditionBecke Davis
164 John Verkade, Founder and Propagator of Rare Dwarf Conifers   H. Donn & F. Goodhart
169 Why a Cone is Not a FlowerFrank W. Telewsky
175 For the Members... from Members
177 New Members
180 A Garden TransplantedJohn Hutson
184 Pest and Diseases of Spruce (Part I)Wade Harris

Volume 13 No. 3, Summer 1996
98    Suncrest GardensGregg Gulden
102 The Dendrological Atlas (in preparation)Charlene Harris
103 The Dendrological Atlas : Beginnings to Final FormDr. Zsolt Debreczy
109 The Atlas Expedition to TaiwanDr. Zsolt Debreczy
112 Watering to Reduce Winter Injury?Wade Harris
118 Champion ConifersBeck Davis
125 The Dwarf and Slow-Growing Conifers in Longwood Gardens   Hao Do Nguyen
123 Do you have A.C.S. (Addicted Conifer Syndrom)?Susan Eyre
141 New Members

Volume 13 No. 2, Fall 1996
50    International Larix ArboretumHungry Horse
50 The Evolution History if the Genus Larix (Pinaceae)B.A. LePage & J.F.Basinger
52 Around the World with Larix: An IntroductionDr. Wyman & C. Schmidt
56 Coram Experimental Forest: A Jewel in the Crown of the Continent EcosystemDr. Ray Shearer
59 My Love of LarchJay Smith
61 The Year in Trees: Superb Woody Plants for Four-Season Gardens
- Book Review
T.J. Schlereth
63 Obsession with Gardening: Lessons Learned in Moving a Mature Garden   Nancy Britz
67 An American Heather GardenCharlene Harris
72 Field Grafting LarchesRobert Tomayer
75 Dwarf Conifers: Culture and Landscape UseRob Means
80 Propagation of Pacific Yews from Seed (Part II)David Pilz
86 Visiting Eden... A Horticultural Cornucopia from Around the WorldNational Meeting
91 New Members
94 Wollemia nobilis and Citizen Ambassador Program

Volume 13 No. 1, Winter 1996
2    The Dawn RedwoodSusan Sand
7 Increasing Genetic Diversity in MetasequoiaDonald R. Hendriks (Excerpted by)
8 Noteworthy Conifers in the Xian Shan Region of Beijing, China   John Silba
13 Propagation of Pacific Yews from Seeds (Part I)David Pilz
20 Conifer Adaptability in North Carolina and ChartDr. J.C. Raulston
24 When a Spade is not a SpadeBecke Davis
27 A Visit with Plantsman, Dick JaynesOrlan Gaeddert
28 The Gardens of Richard and Alice AnginoAbby Jane Brody
30 Far Country in the 90'sAbby Jane Brody
31 Stories From the Hemlock Arboretum at "Far Country"Abby Jane Brody (Excerpted by)
38 Deer Control : Peanut Butter FenceThe Dawes Arboretum
41 Winter - The Season of Long ShadowsCharlene Harris
42 The Garden in WinterKen Twombly
46 More About our Cover Photos
47 Winter Garden Glory by Adrian Bloom - Book ReviewCharlene Harris

Volume 10

Volume 10 No. 3, Winter 1985
102    Dwarf Conifers from the Central MidwestJune Hutson
106 Japanese Marples for the Conifer GardenNancy Fiers
110 Excerpts from "The Diary of a Conifer Nut"   Ralph Carmichael
112 Jervis, a Hemlock of Odd FormG.G. Nearing
114 Microscopic Underground FungiAlex Horvath
116 More Conifers from HollandWiel Linssen
120 A Brief Look at the Genus TsugaPatrick Ardiff
130 At Far Country
134 NCSUA's Cryptomeria japonica Collection
135 A Juniper Alert

Volume 2

Volume 2 No. 4, Spring 1985
108    Chicago Botanic GardenKathleen S. Freeland
111 Acquiring Uncommon Conifers and Other PlantsRichard Bush
112 Cedrus deodara 'Lime Glow' and Other New Cedrus Witches'-Broom   
Derived Cultivars
Don Teese
114 Profile of a Plantsman: E.H. WilsonRob Nicholson
118 The Hemlock Arboretum - At 'Far Country'Charles F. Jenkins
132 Books ReviewsF.H. Ray & R. Critz
134 Review of Ornamental Conifer LiteratureLaurence C. Hatch
138 ACS Information

23 October 2001