13 June 2000
Keith Rushforth

Conifers - Cover Christopher Helm, 1987, London, 232 pages, color photographs, line drawings, maps
ISBN 0-7470-2801-X

Listed Price : 19.95 £ (in UK only).

Book's Presentation

"Conifers are one of the main evergreens plants available to gardeners, and as wild plants they include species which are dominant over much of the world's surface, especially in the northern forests which stretch across Europe, North America and Asia.

This major new work offers a wealth of detailed information not only on all the commonly available species, but also on rarer plants. It discusses the characteristics of conifers, their use in the garden, dwarf conifers, propagation and planting as well as pests and diseases.

A comprehensive gazetteer is a main feature of the book. Arranged alphabetically, it covers all the confier genera. In these genera all the species are examinend, usually within the framework of the genus, and the horticultural desirability of species and principal cultivars is debated. Temperate conifers receive detailed attention, but an overview of tropical conifers is also given. In total, nearly 600 species are described and a thorough glossary and index complete the text.

Beautifully illustrated in color and with line drawings, this invaluable guide will help botanists, students of natural history amd gardeners alike to expand upon their knowledge of conifers, and will be an indispensible handbook for many years to come."

List of Colour Plates7
List of Figures8
1. Introduction11
2. Biology of Conifers13
3. Conifers in the Garden25
4. Dwarf Conifers45
5. Propagation51
6. Planting and Replanting57
7. Pests and Diseases65
8. Gazetteer of Conifers71
Appendix 1 : Hardiness Zones of North America and Europe    219
Appendix 2 : Metric/Imperial Conversion Table220
Index of Botanical and Cultivar Names224
Index of English Names231

"Keith Rushforth is a freelance Arboricultural Consultant and developed his interest in conifers when reading Forestry in Aberdeen University. He is a former curator of the Hillier Arboretum, and has made several plant collecting expeditions, having found new plants species in China, Mexico and Bhutan."
13 June 2000