Identification key of the Cypress family (Cupressaceae) by C. Schulz & P. Knopf
"With this identification key, for the first time the determination of each Cupressaceae taxon is possible".
"The key comprises any of the 30 genera, 134 species, 7 subspecies, 38 varieties, 1 form, and thus all 180 taxa recognized by FARJON (2001). The key uses 123 morphological characters."
"In addition, the key contains all in all 1,112 macroscopic photos in order to test the plausibility of the identification result."

Actinostrobus acuminatus Australia
arenarius Australia
pyramidalis Australia
Austrocedrus chilensis Chile/Argentina
Callitris baileyi Australia
canescens Australia
columellaris Australia
drummondii Australia
endlicheri Australia
glaucophylla Australia
macleayana Australia
monticola Australia
muelleri Australia
neocaledonica New Caledonia
oblonga Tasmania
preissii var. preissii Australia
preissii var. murrayensis Australia
roei Australia
sulcata New Caledonia
 (= tasmanica)
verrucosa Australia
Calocedrus decurrens USA West
formosana Taiwan
macrolepis China
Chamaecyparis formosensis Taiwan
pisifera Japan
obtusa Japan
taiwanensis Taiwan
lawsoniana Califonia/Oregon
thyoides subsp. thyoides USA East
thyoides subsp. henryae USA Gulf Coast
Diselma archeri Tasmania
Fitzroya cupressoides Chile, Argentina
Fokienia hodginsii China
Libocedrus austrocaledonica New Caledonia
chevalieri New Caledonia
yateensis New Caledonia
bidwillii New Zealand
plumosa New Zealand
 (= Pilgerodendon uviferum)
Chile, Argentina
Microbiota decussata Russia/Siberia
Neocallitropsis pancheri New Caledonia
Papuacedrus afarkensis New Guinea, Moluccas
papuana New Guinea
Platycladus orientalis China
Tetraclinis articulata Spain/Marocco
Thuja koraiensis Korea
occidentalis USA/Canada East
plicata USA/Canada West
standishii Japan
sutchuenensis China
Thujopsis dolabrata Japan
Widdringtonia cedarbergensis South Africa
cupressoides South of Africa
schwarzii South Africa
whytei South Africa

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