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Abies magnifica
Tioga Pass, California, USA
Abies magnifica
Glacier Point, California, USA
Abies magnifica, A. lowiana, Pinus lambertiana, P. Jeffreyi
Abies magnifica
Onion Valley, California, USA
Pinus bafouriana austrina Pinus bafouriana austrina
It is possible to find in the same stand of firs cones with exerted bracts, and others without. I am beginning to think that Abies magnifica var. shastensis in the south is the same as var. magnifica, only with longer bracts, and not the same as the var. magnifica in the north which seems to have other differences besides the longer bracts such as a more grey colored bark.

Pinus bafouriana austrina Pinus bafouriana austrina
The first cone barely has some of the bract tips visible. It was only a few hundred feet from the cones in the previous photos.
The second cone is from another tree in the same stand with intermediate length bracts.

Pinus bafouriana austrina
Abies magnifica & Pinus balfouriana var. austrina in front of University Peak.

Photos : © Jeff Bisbee
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7 June 2008 - 3 October 2008
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