1 February 2002
Mr. Branko Slobodnik
, email :, Zvolen, Slovakia, Hardiness Zone 6

The most impressive and useful conifer website I've ever seen. Many thanks.

27 January 2002
Vicky Cash
, email :, Melbourne, Florida, USA, Hardiness Zone 9/10

Awesome. I see so many living plant collectors, but living in warm humid Central Florida am very limited to species I can plant. I do however collect cones. I am truly in awe both of the quality of the pictures and the beauty of the specimens represented. I will return.

8 Décembre 2001
Mr Hrvoje Došen
, Bjelovar, Croatia.

Very beautiful. I'm a student of forestry at Zagreb University.

23 November 2001
Mr Stewart McSherry
, email :, Berlin, Germany, Hardiness Zone 7

Very nice website and resources. I hope to visit your arboretum someday. I am living in berlin and lucky to have the Berlin Botanical Gardens, supposed largest botanical resource in Europe (possibly true) there i have seen many things. You make like to visit our site, we make 3d software and libraries of 3d models to study trees and flowers.

13 November 2001
Mr Jon Cnossen
, email :, WA, USA, Hardiness Zone 8a

Wow this is a great site. I got referred to it by Didier and was looking for ways of growing Monkey Puzzle trees from seed. Now I can grow my trees. Thanks Didier!
I could look at this website all night but have to go to sleep now. I'll be back. Keep up the good work.
See ya,

6 November 2001
Mr David Slootmans
, email :, Westmaas, Netherlands, Hardiness Zone 8

The site becomes more impressive anytime i visit it , the hints on germination are very welcome. Succes with the plantings which are the soul of this site.

4 October 2001
Mr Genaro Hernandez-Castillo
, email :, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

This is the first time that I've been so many hours in front of my computer just checking on a single web site. Felicidades!!! Your web site is one the most complete ones. By the amount of species, tools, and so on, seems to me that your arboretum is one of the best in the world.

4 July 2001
Mrs Vilma Oriti Tizio
, email :, Rosaio Santa Fe, Argentina

thanks for your very useful page!

30 June 2001
Mr Fatih Yüksel
, email :, Tekirdag, Trakya 10 mt., Hardiness Zone 8b/9a

Nice page on coniferous plants... I was never imaging to see the pinus brutia photos somewhere on net. Keep this good work...

15 May 2001
Mr Michael Barlting
, email :, 13m/ Long Beach, CA, USA, Hardiness Zone 10

I highly commend Arboretum de Villardebelle on this endeavor. Saving the world's endangered conifers and the biodiversity in which they add, is a must do for every one!

11 March 2001
Mr Leonardo Gambardella
, email :, Oregon, USA, Hardiness Zone 7

It is very rewarding to find such a site. I am a propagator of rare conifers and they are a big part of my life. I have enjoyed my visit to your site, have found it to be informative as well as enlightning. It is my sincere hopes that your work moves foward with ease and progress.